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Light Studio J is a Vermont LLC.

Stained Glass

I closed my full-time stained glass studio in 2016 after almost 20 years of designing and building windows for homes, public buildings and mausoleums.


Most of my energy since then has been devoted to creating the art that is featured in Light Studio J.  I do, however, on occasion still make stained glass windows if the project particularly interests me.  Examples of such projects include a window for the Christ Episcopal Church in Montpelier, Vermont and my collaboration with the sculptor David Stoltz.


David Stoltz | click on an image to enlarge


I’m collaborating with the renowned sculptor David Stoltz, whose work is in museums all over the world including the Storm King Art Center in New York and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, among many others.  David’s colorful, wildly creative characters translate exceptionally well into stained glass, and I’m having a blast building windows based on his designs.

Christ Episcopal Church, Montpelier, VT | click on an image to enlarge


I built this window for the Christ Episcopal Church in Montpelier, Vermont.  It was installed in December, 2018.  The image of the dove trailing flames was designed by Vermont artist Michael Ridge to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the church.  My job was to translate this image into glass and to design and build a window that featured it as a central element.  It took a lot of glass painting, etching and layering to show the dove, representing the Holy Spirit, illuminating an otherwise dark world.   As much as I like how this window came out, I think I like the reflections it projects even more.

Apartment Entryway, Needham, MA | click on an image to enlarge


This is a window I made for the entryway of an apartment at a retirement community outside of Boston, MA, made with mouth-blown glass from France, Britain and Germany