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Light Installations

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By Chris Jeffrey


November, 2013

This installation is part of a series that focuses on the use of light and color as a means to allow passersby to experience vacant storefronts in new ways. The idea is not to alter the space itself. So for this installation the walls were not painted, the floor wasn’t re-finished, the pile of building materials in the back wasn’t removed or covered up. The space is the same as it was before the installation went in. But the viewer’s experience of it is different. What was once a dark, somewhat foreboding presence on the main street of Vermont’s capitol is now bathed in beautiful colored light. The light illuminates the space, and creates color combinations and shadows that highlight various architectural components of the building. With a little time the viewer comes to understand that there is a lot to see here, that what at first glance seems like a pretty simple bunch of lights bulbs actually offers much more. This excerpt from the artist statement placed at the installation gives some examples:


Take a few minutes to notice how the green light bathes the brick wall at the left. Notice the color and shadows of the bricks, and then the stark contrast of the smooth white wall next to them, now bathed in purple. See how that wall provides a canvas for the red and blue lights, and note the shift to purple where these lights come together and mix on the wall. Spot how the pipe on the ceiling casts a purple shadow. See how the white vertical supports of the lights take on more than one color, how the wide side might be blue while the narrow side is red or yellow. Look at how the black bases are changed by the colors near them. Notice the double shadow on the right wall with the streak of purple in between when the yellow lights are off. There’s a lot more here than first meets the eye, so take some time to see your own color combinations, play of shadows and architectural highlights.